Why arm chair feminists hate real women’s rights activists.

As a student at the far-left Brandeis University I was unfortunately witness to the very disgusting recension of the honorary degree of Ayaan Hirsi. If you have not heard of this travesty you can read about it here. Now in dishonor of the three year anniversary of this repugnant event I have decided to revisit the subject of why spinster gender studies professors and so-called “feminists” hate real women’s rights activists like Ayaan Hirsi and Pamela Geller. After all it would only be rational for women fighting female genital mutilation, child marriages, and honor killings to be role models for feminists, right? Ironically, the answer is no. In fact, these man-hating feminists seem to despise these brilliant women even more than they despise us “misogynist privileged white-male shitlords.” To any thinking person, it is truly baffling, however, for someone well versed in the pathology of the virulent disease known as third wave feminism it makes a lot of sense. Feminists hate these women for two reasons. Firstly, they challenge their “Islam delusion” and hence push these feminists to face the uncomfortable reality of Islam. This creates a form of cognitive dissonance with these feminists whereby they cannot synthesize the cold hard facts with their fantasy world. Rather than accept the reality they often reject the facts outright and blame the people that raised the issue in the first place. Moreover, this also affects the ability of these women to maintain their disdain for western society when there is clearly a much more repressive civilization around the corner. Most of these women have deep embedded racism and anti-western thought as well so it is fundamentally incomprehensible to them how the “evil white colonialist oppressors” could be better than “the poor mistreated Muslims.”

The final reason is perhaps even more powerful. It arises from contempt and jealousy. Now this may seem like an odd assertion, but allow me to explain. Most of these “feminists” have wasted the majority of their careers and (in many cases) their prime reproductive years as well on superfluous or mythical problems like catcalling, the (mythical) wage-gap, beauty standards, getting the government to pay for their birth control (rather than pay for it themselves), the right to murder the unborn, and/or blaming men for every problem that has ever arisen. Then someone like Pamela Geller comes forward who has helped women escape murder by their deranged sharia abiding husband or father or someone like Ayaan Hirsi who has been sent death threats and had attempts on her life and it reveals just how truly superfluous and meaningless their work is. Moreover, it “trivializes” much of the “oppression” they have faced. You see while they were sitting in their comfy office chairs and drinking their Starbucks lattes on their upper-middle class salaries bemoaning how they make less than male CEOs, the evil “patriarchal” doctor who “slut-shamed” or some evil “misogynist” man that dared to comment on the purposefully provocative dress they were wearing, women like Hirsi have undergone multiple beatings and genital mutilation. Their make-believe “oppression” will never compare to the real oppression these women faced. No matter how much they hamster or attempt to rationalize these “horrid” thoughts away they will deep down know the truth. This combined with the first point produces a deep and burning hatred in these feminists that not even one of us “cavemen” could inspire.

This also, creates a direct threat to their social standing. These feminists are use to beta males prostrating themselves before them and profusely apologizing for being a male. These “males” (I use quotes because they are really a travesty to our entire gender) would literally rather die than be called a misogynist. Meanwhile, for us “misogynist” men they can drum up their hordes of worker betas and thoroughly taint our reputation both among men and women. However, a woman speaking out against them poses new challenges. Much like a black speaking out against the thuggery of BLM or a Hispanic immigrant speaking out against illegal immigration they have to attempt to discredit them and portray them as traitorous to their own cause or accuse them of attacking some higher “victimized” group than themselves.

Putting this altogether it becomes quite clear why feminists despise these women with such vigor. It should also become crystal clear that this is exactly the reason we should support them. Women like Pamela Geller and Ayaan Hirsi are truly inspirational and they each do more for women everyday than all the gender studies professors, feminist majority leadership members, and Pro-Choice America murderers put together.